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The ArduECU MK1B is our custom, ground-up controller. It is a fully re-designed ECU controller based upon the ATmega 328P with additional capability.

  • Ruggedized IP69K rated housing for use in harsh, moist environments

  • Compatible with Standard Arduino IDE and the open-source initiative

  • Adaptable to future expansion modules such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz radio, GPS, Cellular Modem, data logging, CAN J1939, current feedback sensing, analog output and accelerometers  or interface your own modules

  • Breaks out Arduino pins to External waterproof header connector for interfacing to sensors and external hardware via your custom wire harness (wire harness with flying leads available)

  • Compatible with Standard Arduino IDE and the open-source initiative, which is interfaced to serial communications via external header (or via internal USB , or wireless Wi-Fi if equipped)

  • Accepts digital and analog inputs (5-24VDC) 

  • Provides sourcing digital and PWM outputs (0.1V to 24VDC; depends on input voltage)

  • Drive coils, small motors or other high current electronics via integrated MOSFETs

  • Power protection on digital output pins to allow for high current sourcing up to 3 Amps per pin

  • Stream data to internet, smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular or RF expansion modules (not yet available)

  • Control ArduECU remotely via internet connected smartphone, tablet or PC

  • Create IoT (Internet of Things) projects with ease via cloud-based dashboard for viewing or using your data (ex. Cayenne-mydevices, Ubidots, Thingspeak, etc.) 

Power Requirements:

  • Recommended Operating Voltage: 12-24VDC (9-36VDC max limits)

  • Idle Power Consumption: <150mA

Reference Voltages:

  • 5VDC Reference (~400mA max with internal re-settable fuse)


  • Serial (x1 capable)

  • SPI (x2 capable)

  • I2C (x1 capable)


  •  Atmega 328P CMOS, 10-Bit ADC @16MHz

  • 32kB In-System Self Programmable Flash Memory, 1kB EEPROM, 2kB Internal SRAM

  • Write/Erase: 10k-Flash, 100k-EEPROM

  • Data retention: 20 years at 85C, 100 years at 25C


  • 8 Capable Digital Outputs (Sourcing outputs capable of ~3A each per channel; up to 30 Amps per ECU)

  • 5 Capable PWM Outputs (Sourcing outputs capable of ~3A each per channel; up to 30 Amps per ECU)

  • 8 Capable Digital Inputs (5-24VDC)

  • 6 Analog Inputs (three of which are 5VDC, three of which are 12-24VDC)

  • I/O configured internally on PCBA via jumper selections(1) 

Environmental Ratings(2):

  • Operating Temperature: -40F to 158F

  • Storage Temperature: -58F to 185F

  • Water Resistance: IP69K (per IEC660529)

  • Humidity Tolerance: TBD

  • Vibration: TBD

  • Shock: TBD

  • Corrosion: TBD

(1)Hardware jumper selections must match your software configuration.

(2)Ratings need final verification through final beta testing.


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